Friday, November 03, 2006

A polyglot of politics, pop culture and pure disaster

First blog post. Sudden writer's block! Not a good sign...

Here I chronicle my life's adventures. In scintillating and sparkling prose. Or not.

Sometimes I'll just ramble.

About my dog, who can stand on his back legs and do pirouettes....

Or how scientists have proof that I must drink more wine.

And rant about how we are screwing up the earth. No more lobster?!!

Or why this administration is evil. (Seriously, it's a site about W as the antichrist!)

Water torture anyone? Dick Cheney says it is OK.

On a lighter note, I will occasionally bombard you with random Buffy readings. ReasonOnline agrees--Buffy kicks ass.

Or thoughts about the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. What is up with Ellen Pompeo's hair?!!

Interesting things I'm reading, like how napping rules.

And anything else that comes to mind.

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