Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pelosi to Bush:"You'll be getting me coffee, bitch!"

At least that's how it goes in my fantasy. My friend Sadie was recently offended by a fairly sexist comment Dubya made about helping Nancy Pelosi pick out her drapes. God he's an idiot.

So I said, "She should have been like, 'You'll be getting me coffee, bitch!' and then slapped him on the ass and called him sparky or something like that." (Apologies to my childhood friend, Jenny, who goes by the name Sparky but is decidedly un-Bushlike.)

Speaking of idiocy, check out this blog rant about how the mainstream media made poor George "Macaca" Allen lose. Waah! Waah!

And newsbusters.org has a piece about how the evil U.N. is "promoting global warming fear" in our children.

Oh, you stupid, stupid, flat-earthers…

It's called peer-reviewed science. The theories of a few cranky "experts" does not a debate make. Where are the scientific studies that cast serious doubt on the human impact upon our planet? In case all this actual science--not funded by fossil fuel industries--is too much, here's a clear and consise explanation of the reputable scientific consensus from Science magazine. Note the part where it talks about 928 studies appearing in refereed scientific journals that agree--humans are changing the climate.

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SFD said...

Pelosi also should give Bush an unsolicited back rub.